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Meeting Your Needs on:

Door Security


Site Security

-  Checking deliveries

-  Checking H/S

-  Provide security in construction sites and other building works.


Events Security

-  Radio Control

-  Provision of security badges,

-  Guest Record/Check

-  Ground Patrol

-  Personal security

-  Protocol Team

-  Security for football/other sports matches

-  Security for parties and social functions

-  Security for conferences


Personal Security


Front Desk/Reception

-  Check identity of customers

-  Monitor Camera

-  Provide Security service in offices and other institutional building.


Cost Analysis

 - We provide a cost effective method of saving your organisation on insurance costs. This is due to the fact that all our personnel are trained to SIA required standard and are also licensed. We also take on board the health and safety role in terms of carrying out regular daily checks of each location to ensure that the organisation is operating safely. We also carry out other reasonable security tasks as requested and required by our customers. These are duties which other organisations tend not to perform.


 - On average to provide similar functions and duties as above, our competitors would charge £18 per hour. Our services are tailor-made to suit each organisation and services being provided and our customers have a choice to also add and remove aspects of the service provision as required. We also have a discount charge in operation for customers with multiple services provision in one site. Therefore our charges range from a minimum of £12 - £20 which is negotiable depending on the requirements of each organisation.



The benefit of having a BN Bennanti  Security is the assurance that all staff are professional in their work, fully trained to SIA standards and licensed to carry out their work role. You will also be assured of a safe working environment for yourself, your staff and your customers. This is an addition to the fact that you will be able to obtain a reduced insurance premium.